1. Milkworm

  2. Chiasmus
    Delusions Of Grandeur

  3. Self Titled

  4. Fifteen Fingered Man

  5. Self Titled & Brutally Sacramento EP (Previously Unreleased)

  6. O+*/- 9-9-99

  7. It's Raining
    The Sashas

  8. Dagobah Live@Middle East 1999 Last Show

  9. Greatest Hits

  10. Tamboli+4

  11. Give Blood
    The Napkins

  12. Carol+Beautiful

  13. One Thousand Hopes

  14. Self Titled + Wicked Weird Melt Down/Hot Dog & More Than A Feline Compilation Tracks

  15. 5 Compositions To Speed By
    The Inventory

  16. FTH Sampler-Heart Surgery Vol. 1

  17. "Flower EP"
    Tape Eaters

  18. "The R-Side"
    Dead Rambler

  19. "Foxes Hot Anchors"
    The Soft White 3-Way

  20. "Please Don't Spill Your Jagerbombs"
    Thee Snow Boogie Thunder (Hi-Five, Lo-Fi)

  21. "The Sleepers Have Awoken"
    The Great Northern

  22. "S/T Demo"
    Phantom Dick

  23. "Blind By Day - EP I"
    The Vima Tresna

  24. "Frightfully Romantic"
    The Soft White Three Way

  25. WS/Hawh?-Split Cassette

  26. "S/T Demo EP"
    Howarewe Hawaii?

  27. "Goodnight Charlie"
    Howarewe Hawaii?

  28. "Are You Wet Or Are You Bleeding?"
    Howarewe Hawaii?

  29. "Live & Rare"
    Howarewe Hawaii?

  30. "Caves"
    Small Wonder

  31. "That's Where The Blood Is"
    The Fleece

  32. "Fucking"
    The Fleece

  33. "S/T EP"
    Western Syndrome

  34. "S/T EP -The Euphrates"
    The Euphrates

  35. "Pensiero Astratto"
    The Armory Show

  36. "S/T EP - T.M.A."
    The Marie Antoinette

  37. "Fuck Melody in the Mouth"
    Noma Komizu

  38. "Crossing The River Styx"
    El Viaje

  39. "Everybody Echolocate"
    Lunch Lady Cigarette

  40. "Live on WELH/88.1FM"

  41. "Cheesewheel 1993-1996"
    Cheese Wheel

  42. "The Endless Knot"
    The Vima Tresna

  43. Flax Pond Sessions 2010

  44. The Cold Is A Thief
    Alive With Pleasure

  45. From Prepubesence To Protest
    Social Virus

  46. Dont Worry God Hates Lots Of People
    Philth Shack

  47. PhilthShack (Unreleased)

  48. "On Spofford Lake"
    Small Wonder

  49. Christmas At One Thirty Eight
    The Soft White 3-Way & Friends


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